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Your top 2013 targets?

posted Feb 26, 2012 01:49:37 by percyharvey
Now that we're solidly into the 2013 recruiting class, who is on the top of your (realistic) wish list?

1) Laremy Tunsil- best offensive prospect in the country and he would fill our biggest weakness.
2) Stacy Coley- great playmaking WR and, like Tunsil, would fill a big need.
3) Marcell Harris- elite safety and a legacy to boot. Plus, we could use a little more depth with the uncertainty of Elam leaving early.
4) Vernon Hargreaves- I've heard he's leaning to USF where his dad is a coach. Still, he's the top CB and would be great to pick up, even with the talent already on the roster.
5) Leon McQuay- we're in it for a ton of DB prospects and I can't see him being a bust with his work ethic.
6) Cooper Bateman- now's the year to get a good QB, and Bateman fits the bill nicely.
7) Montravius Adams- we've already got a big DT class coming in but this guy is good enough to keep them all on the bench.
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villegator95 said Feb 26, 2012 06:14:35
Agree with all of them except for Hargreaves. Jump Leon McQuay to his spot. Speaking of L3, have you heard the rumor that he's silent to Vandy? I doubt its true, but the Vandy smoke has been crazy. I hope he comes to his senses.
percyharvey said Feb 26, 2012 16:03:01
Maybe I'm just hard-headed, but I can't imagine him staying committed to Vandy even if he initially commits to them. As long as he doesn't make a choice until the season rolls around, I think we could help his decision with a decisive victory on October 13th.
stomp_and_chomp said Feb 27, 2012 04:52:25
Heya all!!

Top 13, In order of need. 1 being the best.

13 - (WR) Taj Williams - I didn't add Fulwood because I don't think we have a shot. But Taj possesses what we needed in Fulwood, a taller WR. He needs to bulk up quite a bit... He's gonna be looking scrawny in college at 6'4" / 170. But I think he has what it takes to be a Gator... and being a huge fan of James Hearns, I think the sooner we get commits out of Taj Williams and Reggie Davis... the better.

12 - (DE) Jordan Sherit - Another great DE prospect. I think it's a far-off reach, but I think it's more likely than Bosa. There is no "sure-thing", but if we want to conserve space, then signing 5-6 DL is pretty much all we can afford to give up. So we have to sign 5-6 "sure-things"... or even better, we need to sign TOP-END talent. As close to "sure-things" as possible. I think Sherit fits in here. But the 4 I listed (Bosa, Adams, Walker & Sherit), I think, are the best, most likely 4 shots we have at putting together an _incredible_ line.

11 - (OG) Jack Kurzu - He's being overlooked at this point. I have a feeling we'll offer him soon. I am thinking before FNL, but maybe on FNL is more realistic. He's an elite prospect, but I have the feeling he is being slept on by a lot of other schools because St. Louis MO isn't exactly a recruiting hot bed. I see him as a Florida kid though, I think he can hang. Maybe him and Bosa are friends, having another link to pull in Bosa would be a huge boon. But in the end, I can't imagine a final version of the 2013 NSD signing chart without his name being on it.

10 - (RB) Alvin Kamara - I only dropped him this low because we already have Taylor and Lane. But the kid is good. Ever since we started battling Bama for this kid, his recruitment has gone way up, far off places like Southern Cal have offered him. I think we are still in it though. And I think he doesn't mind being the 3rd RB to commit. This is more or less what we need. Someone who is a great prospect in their own right to come into a place with some competition and not even really care about it. Fitting in is fitting in. And I think the U of F is a great fit for him. Also, check out his twitter pic, he's chilling with some friends in the stands right under the "...the swamp" wall. Oh ya, he's a Gator fan. :)

9 - (OC) Brandon Kublanow - Future Jawjaw Dog. Unless we can put in our song and dance before he commits. He's elite for a Center. Champ didn't target Ty Darlington this last cycle, even though he was the #1 Center and he was in extremely close proximity to the swamp. Kublanow attended one of the last camps of the 2012 cycle and participated when he was a junior... walked away with the best overall camp MVP. I think if we go all out on Kublanow we can get him, but the first step would be making a move. We are still kinda sleeping on it at the moment. But you gotta think we have a lot of selling points, (Humphries and Dunker, new OLine coach is energetic, great S&C coach in Dillman, and the possible commit from Tunsil...) Come to a place where we have all this and be a pretty darn good Center, you might get a champ or two, never know.

8 - (WR) Reggie Davis - I think he is the hidden gem. When rivals came out with the early top100, the first thing he twittered was how he wanted to move up to the top 10. Breaking the 100 wasn't enough. I love to see this in a kid. It's the same mentality as a computer game junkie - I will beat every mission, get every title, unlock all that is unlockable. If we land him and he can carry that work-ethic to the next level, then I say he'll be a much welcomed addition.

7 - (DB) Marcell Harris - We could definitely use him. He want's to play FS, and with Marcus Maye hopefully being a future NFL star... I just don't see him possibly getting enough time out of this position. CB is possibly where I think I would put him if I was the staff. We could use some depth there and he would be an immediate impact. But the whole thing with depth is, we need another FS. I am just thinking that if we didn't land Marcus Maye last NSD, then I think he could possibly be committed to us by now. Elite talent wants to play with elite talent however, so I think we are very much in this. But he is definitely going to take his time to shop around.

6 - (DE) Demarcus Walker - His Mom is an FSU grad and his Dad is a UF grad. I hear he favors UF because of his dad. I think out of all the high-end elite DE's, This one is the realistic shot.

5 - (WR) Stacey Coley - Possibly the best WR in the state. I hear he has some issues off the field, and that's very discouraging. But you never know, maybe he won't get in trouble this year and maybe he won't get in trouble at all in college. Time will tell on that factor. All that aside though, he is a great WR prospect. Tracy Howard couldn't really cover him. That's exactly what we need. Also on a side-note, if we were to land him, we could all see that Coley/Howard match-up again, as we play scUM the season after this one.

(EDIT) 4.5 - (DT) Maquedius Bain... decommitted from FSUcks... looks like we still have a shot with this guy. Comes from down South too... could be a big-time pickup if we manage to land him.

4 - (DT) Montravius Adams - I am on the fence about this one. I am hearing pulling him from Clemson could be hard. But, if he does decide to wait around, Clemson is in it for a few other DT's. If those DT's decide to pull the trigger early on top of the fact that Clemson had a decent year at DT's in 2012, then we just might have a shot to land this kid. I think we only want 2 DT's this year, Adams and Brantley would be ideal... Don't have to take too many here if you get a couple of bulls-eyes.
3 - (CB) Vernon Hargreaves III - Getting 1 OUTSTANDING DB a year is a UF staple of success. We might have a terrible/horrible/volatile NSD every now and then, but one things for certain, it normally always have a great DB prospect in the mix. I know Tracy Howard is big-time, but so is Brian Poole - Getting 1 is a given, Getting 2 is extra padding for our depth chart. I think we get Hargreaves in the end... but getting him to commit to us may be rough with his dad on the USF staff. But with his sister being here, maybe this can be a glimmer of hope that there is a chance.

2 - (DE) Joey Bosa - Best DE in the Nation... right in our front yard. Being able to keep an active pipeline from St Thomas Aquinas active is key to poaching talent in Miami. There's kids down there that WANT to leave, you just have to find them. He is definitely one, a big-time DL prospect to boot. Realistically though, I think Bama leads.

1 - (OT) Laremy Tunsil - Best OT in the Nation... right in our backyard. Pulling him on top of DJ Humphries would be elite.

Anyhow, the Walking Dead is almost over, i missed the last 6 mins of it the first time around, so it's imperative that I walk away now... lol...
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percyharvey said Feb 28, 2012 13:03:42
Bosa is a beast. The only reason I don't have him at the top is because we just got arguably the best freshmen DE combo in Bullard and Fowler. As far as Adams, the longer he stays uncommitted, the better for us. Right now Clemson leads, but if we can start putting it together on the field, I think we could flip him.

If Coley has some personal red-flags, I trust WM will be able to deal with the situation to make sure it isn't a problem.
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